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Woman To Woman OB/GYN, P.C. is dedicated to caring for the special health needs of women of all ages, whether they are just entering puberty, expecting a baby or traveling through menopause. Our warm and professional staff are trained to provide the highest quality of care to our patients, including adult and adolescent gynecology, gynecologic surgery, obstetrics, urogynecology and gynecologic oncology.

Our Practice

Our name is merely your first introduction to our philosophy.

We believe that medical care provided by woman for woman in a warm, friendly, conveniently located office is the soundest foundation for providing outstanding and truly supportive OB/GYN services.

Woman to Woman staffers take pride not only in knowing their profession, but also in getting to know their patients and their communities.

Woman to Woman providers always place a premium on listening to the patient first while making every possible effort to deliver, the highest quality, well-informed, personalized care and counsel based on each and every patient’s unique circumstances.

In addition to routine office visits and annual exams Woman to Woman provides a full roster of gynecological and obstetrical services and procedures including but not limited to: endometrial biopsies, IUD insertions, colposcopies and sonograms. Inpatient surgical procedures such as hysteroscopy, fibroid removal, endometrial hydrothermablation and tubal ligation are performed just across the street at St. John’s Hospital.

Our providers have over 25 years combined experience providing obstetric care for low and high risk pregnancies. Our patients have a choice of delivering at St. John’s Hospital or Columbia Presbyterian Hospital at Allan Pavilion.



“As a pregnant patient Dr. Greenidge was the best doctor I could ask for. She satisfied all my needs as much as a provider could. Through pregnancies you can experience emotional episodes where you need a caring, supportive and understanding physician, which she was and more. I will always recommend Dr. Greenidge.”

Mrs. Ramos

“I am an old patient of Dr Greenidge and Woman to Woman. I practically grew old with her and the practice! Recently, I was admitted to St. John’s Hospital for what involved, some gynecological issues among other things. I was visited by Dr. Greenidge and her colleague Dr. Desoyza while there and also had to rely on her office to manage some insurance and billing issues while in the hospital. I cannot express enough how comforting and reassuring the visit of these two doctors were while I was hospitalized. It made more aware of why I really love her practice. Dr. Greenidge’s staff is just helpful and sweet. I must have called them at least eight times with different questions related to my hospitalization and not once did I get anything but friendliness and professionalism. I think I will remain a patient of Dr. Greenidge and Woman to Woman for as long as I breathe! I truly love that office.”

Mrs. Richards


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