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Dr. Suzanne M. Greenidge is an OB/GYN serving the Westchester, Yonkers, New York area. She offers gynecological surgery through her clinic, Woman to Woman.

Gynecological Surgery Q & A

What kinds of gynecological surgeries are available?

Gynecology surgeries include any surgical procedure that is used to treat an issue that affects the female reproductive system. Some common gynecological surgeries include:

  • Suburethral sling to treat urinary incontinence
  • Anterior and posterior vaginal repair to treat vaginal prolapse
  • Sterilization procedures including Essure
  • Endometrial ablation for very heavy periods
  • Tubal ligation and tubal ligation reversal
  • Cosmetic procedures like vaginal rejuvenation to restore the tone and appearance of the vagina and the surrounding tissues

Today, most gynecological surgeries can be completed using minimally-invasive techniques, including techniques that use small external incisions and techniques that can be performed through the vagina without any external incisions.

Are any gynecological surgeries considered cosmetic?

Yes, labia reduction and vaginoplasty are two examples of cosmetic surgeries that are both gynecological surgeries also. Dr. Greenidge is always open to discuss possibilities if you feel you may have a cosmetic health care need. Call the office of Woman to Woman OB/GYN today to find the best treatment to fit your specific issue.

Can surgery treat HPV?

Sometimes surgery is needed as part of the treatment for HPV. It depends on what type of HPV you have and how it has manifested itself. HPV can sometimes be treated with cryotherapy or through the use of chemical ablation. Surgery is used to remove tumors or genital warts that HPV may cause.

Am I a good candidate for tubal ligation?

Tubal ligation is a serious surgery. The first part of the process is to undergo examination and questioning about your reproductive goals. It is important that women enter into tubal ligation without coercion or pressure from others. While there is the possibility to reverse tubal ligation, the results are not guaranteed. Therefore, it is important each woman who desires permanent sterilization takes all aspects into consideration.


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